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More or less precise information about our future plans can be found on this functionality mindmap. Note, that there are comments near most of nodes which describe what this functionality is about. Next of this page is very high-level overview (which is a bit outdated already).
By contrast with other portals where each its part is a separate application (forums, blogs, articles, webinars), JTalks is supposed to be an integrated solution of a several different components. To give a clue, let's look at a rough image of it's admin part (it's heart): Image Removed

 You can see that there is a general side tab to the left which can configure general information (like users) and also each component has its own ad-hoc tab.

The home page of the application is some kind of index where users may find all the children components. Each component is, of course, a separate application, but you have an admin panel which is common for all components. Also, user information is shared between all the components as well. So user has tabs at his profile page and other users may see information about all his activity. 

So besides general information:

Image Removed

You can also see concrete information in each component. Let's continue with Forum example:

Image Removed

In general case, all the listed components, besides the actual user, have another common thing - Topic and Post. The only thing that differs - how they are depicted and what additional functionality is provided, but in its essense it's the same accross most such components. So what we want is to leverage this trait and use one single table in database for Topic & Post information, and each components then will have its own 'sub-table' with additional data (this model is known as Class Table Inheritance (by M. Fowler)). What it gives us is to share the same Topic accross multiple components. Take a look: Image Removed
And now each separate component can add it as the available type to show: Image Removed
As you can see, 'common.article' type can be shared between e.g. Forum and Article components and thus a moderator may see that some user posted a Topic which is essentially an article and marks it as article and now the Article component has it too!

We may continue generating ideas, but this was a general brief description of the overall idea behind JTalks project.