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Poulpe quick start guide

This guide is mainly for Ubuntu linux, but will work for any OS including Windows (of course, the commands will be different, but the idea is the same)

1) Java

Download java last version from
Install(unzip) it to /opt/jdk_some_version

(USERNAME - your username in os ubuntu)

Set the environment variables:

It is not nessesery to install it in /opt folder you can change the path to ~/some_folder, in this case you do not have to execute lines "sudo chown ...", "sudo chmod ..."
$: javac


While install, set root password.

Create database for project.

By default Poulpe will use these credentials:

These values can be overwritten via environment variables:

By default Poulpe starts with the distributed cache running in order to work correctly with JCommune and other components. But if you want not to run the cache (it's just faster), then you should add these env vars:


Download last version Tomcat as zip from

Set the env var to point to the unpacked catalog:

Start and check:


Download Maven 3 as zip:

Add env var:


Install git

Generate keys:

Register on and configure your profile with public key.

On Windows systems:

Download msysgit from here (use unicode version, if you have Cyrillic symbols in your username)
You also may need to download libiconv-2.dll and copy it to %WINDIR%\system32


Create your workspace folder and change current directory:

load projects:

deploy poulpe on localhost:

Follow the link project: http://localhost:8080/poulpe.


If you need to add users, you may use the following line to insert new values:

Which will create a user with "username" username and "jtalks" as a password

Note that uuids must be different for each entity.

For generating a bunch of values the following script may be used: