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Here you can find how the URLs should look like and what you, as a developer, need to consider whilst thinking about new URL. Here are common rules, but each situation apiece may have its unique URL that doesn't follow the rules described here; contact your PM if you find that your URL shouldn't be like others. So the list of rules:


  1. I have several proposals:

    1) Add .html at the end of ID references or maybe all pages.

    2) Use same method for posting new entity and modified entity

    3) Change "an action of editing concrete object" to "an action of saving concrete exsiting object" and for clearance

    1. Answers:

      1. .html extension will be abandoned with time, we won't have any extensions in the end product. If you use these extensions at the moment, no worries. Let's consider when we want to leave URLs with extensions at the next meeting.
      2. This page outlines that there are 2 different methods for these operations.
      3. I've added this version too.
  2. Need any comments about suggested URI view.