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As an Admin I'd like to have Permission Schemas so that I don't need to configure all permissions for all branches and groups manually each time I add a new Branch
This is how the Schema configured, we have a list of groups and properties. We need those properties for custom needs like in order to ban the Users, we need to have some group marked as 'Here we put the banned ones'.

Each group is configured to have default permissions for newly created branch so that when we create a new branch, that group is going to have such permissions by default. The screen for assigning the permissions to groups will look like:


Usual forum schema looks like this: we have banned users, we have moderators for each branch, we might have some supreme moderators that can moderate all branches. In order to accomplish this schema in JTalks we will need

  • To create a moderators Group while creating a Branch
  • To have some special Group for for banned users (how to mark it?)
  • To grant respective permissions for every branch (Banned Users are restricted to post, Moderators are allowed to moderate)
  • Manually add additional Groups and manually assign permissions to every branch.

In order to make things easier, we need to have Permissions Schemas that define the default Groups and their permissions so that when we add a new branch, all the defined groups would have specific permissions on this branch.