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To join us you should write an application to project[ at ] address with your personal information (last name, family name, skype id, your current level, mobile phone number, city you live in, position you're willing to occupy, how much time per week you are able to spend on the project - though almost all this information can be omitted if you are a paranoiac). Hot vacancies are highlighted.

Everyone can join this project in a role of:



Project Manager

Runs the project, calculate different metrics (velocity, focus factor) generates ideas, writes user stories, looks after the team work, controls the staff pipeline, searches for human resources, solves conflicts in the team if the team leader failed with this. Java skills are not required.

Tech Lead

Inter-team member that looks after the whole project and several teams. Should periodically review the code, participate in tech meetings, point out smelly places, advice ways to implement a solid design; and in general - he looks after the quality of code. Strong senior skills are mandatory for this position.

Engineer (especially Seniors)

Writing code, performance testing, optimization, security and REST areas

QA Lead

Coordinating QA team

Tester (QA, QC)

Writing test plans, test cases, testing the overall quality of the application, searching for bugs and raising issues in tracking system

Team Leader

Is responsible for coordinating team members and process inside of the team, carrying out meetings, task breakdown, putting estimations to tasks, code review

Code reviewer

usually very experienced developers who don't have enough time to partake in a project, but instead carry out code reviews and write comments, so after that less experienced engineers could correct their source code


very experienced engineers that participate in developing of architecture of the project

Tech Writer

follows the way project goes and documents everything on wiki (usually this role is interesting to those who want to understand what are the strategies of running projects)


Draws pictures of how this or that page/project should look like

UI developer

writes HTML/CSS/JS/JQuery

Technical Administrator

mainly looks after web servers, infrastructure software (like CI, wiki, etc.), may help in keeping OS in a good shape.

Generator of ideas

we are tired of all these wannabies around and really want to create a cool, progressive and original software and so we appreciate all ideas you provide us (even crazy ones), so if you have something on your mind, share it and we'll implement it (well, of course we don't guarantee that, but who knows what you may bring!)