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What you need to know about the project:

  • JCommune is a sub-project of JTalks project that represents a forum.You can quickly grab and install it by following Quick Start Guide (ru).
  • JCommune JIRA
  • Continuous Integration
  • The last test version of the application can be found here.
  • If you want to contribute, note, that everyone can join us!
  • Right now we have 2 teams working on the project:
    • Larks - is working on functionality of the forum itself
    • Sparrows - QA team that works on implementing functional tests
  • Developers:
Group: jira-developers-JC
Andrei Alikov (anatolievi4)
Andrei Vikulov (AV)
Andrey (AndreyCherevko)
Andrey Ivanov (nigredo)
Andrey Pogorelov (sptp)
AnStrelnikov (AnStrelnikov)
Chernetsky Alexey (yexela)
Cyrus Mendoza (mendoza_cyrusjohn)
Denis Berezhnoy (idespc)
Dmitry Fedushov (CocoJumbo)
Dmitry Krasilnikov (d.krasilnikov)
Dmitry S. Dolzhenko (dsdolzhenko)
Evgeny Skribnik (eskibnik)
Georgy (slowhead)
Jenkins Bot (jenkins)
José Ángel Rey Liñares (jarey)
Maksim Reshetov (masyan)
Mikhail Stryzhonak (mixaS)
Nayil (res)
Pavel Boiko (pavel.boiko)
Raimbek Egemberdiev (skythet)
Ruslan Shuster (RuslanSh)
Sergey Pasynoga (Privatik3)
Stanislav Bashkyrtsev (ctapobep)
Stanislav Kandyrov (g100m5)
Stanislav Najdenij (ncnecros)
Vitalij Voronkoff (Vitalij Voronkoff)
Vladimir Kamenksiy (vladimir)

Main features and ideas we want to implement in JCommune (which all are under discussion, you can join the discussion here (ru)):

  • Configurable interface
  • Determining branches that are most likely interesting for particular user
  • Defining life time for particular posts
  • The list of similar topics
  • Chat (at least for administration)
  • Moving of posts up and down
  • Notification about new topics in particular branch
  • RSS, Jabber notifications
  • Tags for topics
  • Topics and post rating

Top Wiki Contributors
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Max Malakhov 1400
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