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NameModulePriorityComplexity (1-5)Stability (1-5)Brief descriptionIterationJira IDStatusComments
DesignForum50024We need to implement the project with the design0.6JC-167Holded
Recent Activity Forum48025User (registered/unregistered) clicks "Recent Activity" and redirected a page with posts in the last 24 hours. User clicks on the title of the topic near the post and see the topic itself. 0.6JC-199Done
Last post columnForum47015As a user I want to see a column 'last post' on all the pages with posts.0.6JC-198Done1. Author is a link to the profile of the post author. 2. Date should be a link to the post itself.
Avatar resizingUser profile40014As a user I'd like use any image as avatar without any action with this image0.6JC-197Done
Amount of posts of userForum400As a user I'd like to see the amount of posts user has on his profile page.Done
Information about author on the topic pageUser profile400As a user, I'd like to be able to see the information about author of the posts: author's nick name, avatar, amount of posts at the forum and his/her online-status.0.10JC-322In Progress
Avatar previewUser profile24As a user I'd like to see avatar before it will be stored0.8, 0.9JC-226Done
Amount of topics in the branch350In the list of branches, against their titles, there should be a number of topics in there.0.7JC-200Done
Upgrade pagingeverywhere300While a user tries to see a long list of items this list is splitted to pages with no more than 5 items on the page. At the bottom number of pages is shown.  The main reason of upgrade is to provide user to choose the count of items on the page.  User opens a page with the list of items (the count of items is huge). Only 10 items is displayed on the page. User selects count of item on the page (10/20/50/100/500/all of them). When the user selected count of items the page is updated. No any other confirmation is required.  At the bottom user sees "show 201-299 of 4912" (from-to of total count)    
Forum searchForum510As a user I'd like to be able to search posts by specifying a word or several words into the search box.ApprovedGoogle Search API should be used for there purposes. To get public/private keys, contact stanislav bashkirtsev.
Close/open topic 400Registered User create topic. User opens a topic that has created (button "Add post" is enabled). Moderator clicks "Close topic" (button "Add post" is disabled.). Moderator clicks "Open topic" (button "Add post" is enabled). ApprovedOnly moderators can close topics.
View private messages as a conversationPM250Registered User clicks "PM" and can select the view mode - as a messages list or as a conversations list. In the conversation mode user sees list of conversation.  The name of each conversation is the title of the first message in the conversation.  The date of conversation is a last updated till the conversation tree is collapsed. Otherwise the date of the first post is used (discussable). Expand icon is displayed for each post with an answer. User can expand any of conversation. While user expand conversation all of collapsed messages are expanding. All unprocessed (unsent/unread) messages are marked (*). User can click on the title to see the message (*)    
Forums' sectionsForum25All forums are separated out to some sections. Management of these sections is going to be implemented in admin panel. We just need to show these sections.0.5JC-166Done
Edit postForum25Users should be able to edit their posts. Moreover admins should be able to edit any message. The date of last editing should be stored as well as creation date.0.5JC-169Done
Path to current pageeverywhere15As a user I want to be able to easily navigate from current page to others and see my current place. To make my life convienent, if I'm on the page of topics, I want to see at in what branch I am, and if I'm on the page of topic, I want to see both at what branch I am and at what topic I am.0.5JC-114DonePath should be something like this: Forum -> Swing -> Help With NPE!
Topic status Forum14Forum administrators can stick and unstick any topic. Sticked topics are moved to the top. Pay attention that the future design may require to separate sticked topics from unsticked. Also topic can be marked (and unmarked) as announcement. It influences on design only. If the topic is a sticked one and marked as announcement then topic moved to the top but only announcement markup is used0.5JC-170Done
Upload avatarUser profile24Registered user can set an avatar. This user picture shown in user profile and forum messages. To set up this image user should upload correct image file and store it. To do it user should open profile page, select some picture. system should validate this file and show error messages if any. if all is ok it stors the image. The old image (if any) should be deleted. After that this avatar is showing in the forum and user profile.. 0.5JC-171Done
Remove avatarUser profile15Registered user can delete his avatar.0.5JC-171Done
See message listuser can see 2 folders - inbox and outbox each message is put in one of them. messages sorted by creation date. all unprocessed (unsent/unread) messages are marked user can click on the title to see the message0.3Done
Authorization/RolesActions                    Anonymous     Authorized user        Administrator   view the branches list           +                     +                       +   View the topics list               +                      +                       +   view the topic                      +                      +                       +   create topic                         -                      +                       +   create post                          -                      +                       +   delete your topic                  -                      +                       +   delete your posts                 -                      +                       +   delete not your topic            -                       -                       +   delete not your post             -                       -                       + 0.3JC-82Done
Paging pages User (registered/unregistered) opens a page with the list of branches (not sorted) and see 15 branches. User clicks on page 2 and sees the following branches. User clicks on the title of the branch and sees 20 topics (sorted by last updated date) of this branch. User clicks on page 2 and sees the following topics. User clicks on the title of the topic and see 20 posts (sorted by last created date) of this topic. User clicks on page 2 and see the following posts. 0.3JC-83Done
New private message Registered User clicks "PM" and sees page with inbox private messages sorted by created date. User clicks "New message" and sees page with form to creation private messages. User enters data (If the input value not valid then he sees appropriate warnins). User clicks "Send" and redirected to outbox messages page. 0.3JC-84DoneMax length of PM is 1000 symbols
Private messages pages Registered User clicks "PM" and see page with inbox private messages sorted by created date. User clicks "Outbox" and sees page with outbox private messages sorted by created date. 0.3JC-95Done
New TopicUser opens a page listing those sorted by date. Clicks the "New topic" and goes on the page to create a new post.   Enters his name, topic, body, and presses the button "Add", redirected to a page with a list of all topics, and sees his topic0.1DoneMax post length is 2000 symbols
View TopicUser opens a page listing those sorted by date. Clicks "Topic name " and goes on the topic view. Clicks the back button and goes   to a page with a list of topics. 0.1Done
See/Edit messagePMRegistered User clicks "PM" and redirected to the page with inbox private messages sorted by created date. User clicks on the title message and moved to the view/edit message form (fields: from, to, title, body; actions: back, reply, quote). User clicks "Outbox" and redirected to the page with oubox private messages sorted by created date. User clicks on the title message and moved to the same form (fields: from, to, title, body; actions: back, store, send). Please note, action list is just a list of controls. their processind lies outside this story.0.4JC-115Done
Reply on the messagePMWhile I read income message I can reply on it0.4JC-123Done
Viewing user profilesProfileAs a registered user I want to be able to see profile pages of other users. The user name can be used as a link, for example.0.4JC-131Done1. Link should look like: user name 2. No need to update post pages or any other pages, on demo we need to type the required URL into address bar manually
Edit user profileProfileAs a user I wanto to be able to edit my profile. while I see the profile I can press change link/button to change my profile. 0.4JC-134Done
Edit topicForumRegistered User opens page with the list of topics. User sees link/button to edit topic in case he is an admin or the author of the topic. User clicks "Edit topic" and sees page editing topics.  User changes the title, body topic and presses link/button Store. Validation rules are the same as while creating new topic. User sees the same page and topic hasn't save till any error is present. User can cancel the editing (move back). the confirmation about changes are goung to be lost is showing. Please note the confirmation is need not in case no changes is present. User enters data, which satisfy all requirements and presses link/button Store. User sees a confirmation about topic is going to be changed. User presses "Confirm" button. (Cancel just do nothing). Topic's timestamp is updated. User moves back so he can see updated topic at the top of list.0.4JC-132Done
Links at postsForumAs a user I want to be able to copy link of any post and putting it to the address bar so it should open the page of the topic and automatically scroll down to the post.0.4JC-133Done
Private message statusPMEach message can be proccessed one or not this one. Processing of income message means that the user has read it. Processing of outcome message means that the user has sent it. At the each list (inbox/outbox) unprocessed messages are marked. the bold font can bee used. It is useful to show user the count of unprocessed messages. This number should calculate at the moment while user request is processed. So it makes the user will be notified as soon as new message was received0.4JC-124Done
Moving topicsAs a moderator I'd like to be able to move topics from one branch to another. To do this I'd like to go into a topic and press button 'Move', then I should see a list of branches (without the one the topic currently in), after I choose a branch from the drop down list, I press Done and the page is refreshed.WaitingNote, that there should be a popup window that allows to do all of this.
ModeratorsThere should be a possibility to have special people for the branch, that are called moderators. Moderators should be enumerated somewhere near the branch name in the list of branchesWaitingWe need admin panel to be able to add moderators.
Number of topics on pageForumAs a User I'd like to be able to configure the amount of topics on any page with topics by going to the user preferences and setting the appropriate property. There should be a dropdown list with values 10, 25, 50, 100, 200.0.8JC-227Done
Add google analytics tracking code to all pages of the demo deployment.ForumAdd code to all pages of the demo deployment to track user interests in our projectNot Approved
"FAQ" section link should be backed up by the topicForum"FAQ" section link should be backed up by the special topicWaiting
Google SearchForum510As a User I'd like to be able to have a Search page that allows me to search pages of the forum by a keyword. 0.12JC-488In Progress
Captcha during the registrationForum100There should be a captcha protection during the registration process. Contact Stanislav Bashkirtsev or Maxim Reshetov for reCaptcha account settings.Approved
Topic splitForumAs a Moderator I'd like to be able to split topics into two different topics. While the splitting I want to be able to specify a title of the new topic, also I want to have 2 ways to check the posts I would like to split: first option is called Split Checked Posts, the second one: Split Starting from the Checked Post.ApprovedUnable to do without user roles
Click "new message in topic" goes to last new message on topicForumAs a User I'd like to go to last unread message when I clicked to "Last unread message" pic in "Last message" column.0.8JC-228Done
Username as link to its profile pageForumAs a registered user I want to be able to see profile pages of other users from anywhere. The user name can be used as a link, for example.RefusedLook at JC-131. The same thing have to be realized everywhere (main page, list of topic's moderators etc)
Actualize "Who's online" blockForum"Who's online" block on main page have to show users which now browsing forum, number of registred, hidden and anonymous users0.8JC-225 Done
Avatar previewForumUser see uploaded resized avatar before it'll be store in DB0.8, 0.9JC-226Done
"Show all" for posts in the topicForumAt the end of first page in topic user could see button "Show all". Press it and all next post are displaing after last post on current page. Button "Show all" changes to "Show pages"0.8JC-224Doneworks only on paged topics
Animated avatarsForum20As a registered user I'd like to use animated avatars (for example, *.gif)Now animated GIF's are displayed as a static picture
Change topic while viewing other oneForumAs a user I'd like to go to the next or previous topic in the branch directly from topic I'm currently viewing0.8JC-249DoneIn design we have link NEXT TOPIC and PREV TOPIC, but they didn't work.
QuotingForumAs a registered user I'd like to be able to quote post while answering0.9JC-265Done
JS editor for BB messagesForumWe have designed an answer page and now it needs to make all buttons work0.9JC-263Done
BB2HTML converterForumBB-message should be shown as correct html-block0.9JC-262Doneconvert BB-codes to HTML tags
Account activation by emailForum450After registering user get an email with link for activating his/her account. After this user could use his/her login/password for logging in.0.11JC-392DoneUser can't log in before he/she use link from email
User's reputationForum150User block in post must contain buttons [+] and [-] for change user's reputationAcceptable only registered users
Email notification on new PMForum450Then new PM comes user gets an email.0.11JC-387DoneAcceptable only registered users
Password recovery by emailForumAs a registered user I'd like to be able to recover my passord using email setted up in my profile0.8JC-238DoneAcceptable only registered users
RSS feed for new messages and topicsForumI'd like to have RSS feed of recent activity0.9JC-282Done
"+1" button for thanksForumAs a registered user I'd like to thanks author for good message. For that, under each post must be "+1" button. After user press this button his/her name will show in the list under this post. If user press "+1" again, he/she will be exluded from the list.It could be related to user's reputation in some way
Rights for topicsForum???As a moderator I'd like to have ability change topic's rightsFor now it could be down only using manipulation DB with "hands"
Found similar topics while creating new oneForumAs a registered user I'd like to see list of similar topics while I'm typing topic's titleSimilar thing has released on
List of user's post in profileForumIn user's profile must be list of user's posts (with links)0.9JC-264Done
TTL for topicForumThen user creates topic he/she could set time to live for topic. When time comes the topic will be deleted
Ban usersForum400Need posibility to ban user for determined period. During ban user can read topics and posts, but can't answer the topics and create new topics.JC-255Take a look at POULPE-56 It's implemented a user ban facility in Pouple. We should restrict posting for banned users using infomation on User entity from a database (at the moment available in the common model only)
Messages without answersForum320After user click on "Messages without answers" link the page appears with topics which have only one 1st message and noone else post here yet0.10JC-321DoneWe have it in design already
Who's browsing topicForum490At the bottom of every topic's page we have list of users which are browsing this page now. It'd work.0.10JC-320DoneWe have it in design already
Preview answer ForumBefore registered user post answer in topic it 'd be possible to see how his/her post will look like0.9DoneNeed to see answer converted from BB-codes to HTML-tags before it 'll be posted. Such function is in design
FAQ for every branch350
License agreement350
New unread postsForum500If user logged in he/she will be able to see special sign in every topic where are unread post
Comments for postForumThe messages should be divided in posts and comments. Comments are the very simple (usually just a strings), that can be added to the posts by any user. They should be displayed with reduced font size, or, maybe even as collapsed list underneath each post.
Real user info in postsForum450In each post we see block with user info. This information should be get from user profile0.10, 0.11JC-322Done
Block PM from userForum100If some user sends me an junk PMs I'd like to block the messages from that user
SocializeForumAdd possibility to sign in using accounts in popular social networks, such as G+, Facebook, Vkontakte, LinkedIn, Twitter.Common parameters (name, lastname, email, avatar etc) of user profile will be filled from social accounts
Mark topic where user postedForumMark topic with special sign to notify user that he/she posted there.
Show attendaceForumShow statistical information about attendance. For ex.: Most users ever online was 13,729 on Feb 05, 2009 18:42:53
Donate buttonEverywhereMake donate button assigning to money account.
Code highlight tagForumNeed to implement code highlight for common languages (i. e. C/C++, Java, PHP, Python, Pascal, Batch, Jscript,C#, HTML, CSS, XML, SQL)We have BB-code for code [code] It'd be used like [code=HTML]<html>[/code]
Delete topicForumAs a moderator I'd like to be able to remove topics. To do this I'd like to go into branch and see list fo topics with button "Delete" near they titles. When I press button 'Delete' pop-up window appears and asks my confirmation to do remove topic and all posts within it. If I press Delete the page is refreshed.DoneOnly moderators can delete topics
User contacts in profileForumEvery user has contact information in his/her profile. Except predefine contacts (Cellphone, ICQ, Skype, email, jabber), user could add his/her own contact. After user press "add contact" pop-up window appears where user type in name of contact, for ex. MSN, and contact number itself0.11,0.12JC-386Done
Support BB-codes for video insertForumIt's need to add new BB code for insert into posts video from popular videohostings: youtube, vimeoPossible variants of tags: [vimeo]videoID[/vimeo] and [youtube]videoID[/youtube] or we could use one tag for different services: [video=youtube]videoID[/video] and [video=vimeo]videoID[/video]
SpellcheckForumNeed to implement spellcheking in the inputboxes for all supported languages
Code compilerForumIt could be great to compile and show result of code-block in postsIt will be possible only for complited code
Poll bb-codesForumIt's need to add new BB code for creating polls.It could be something like this: [poll="Что вы ели на завтрак?"] [*] Вафли [*] Кота [*] Ножку от стула [/poll]
OpenIDEverywhereAdd possibility to sign in using OpenID account
Find user post for certain period of timeForumFind user post for period
Move topic between branchesForumFirst post in topic must contain button/link "Move" When user click this button appears window "Move topic". User selects branch by name and presses button "Move". To discard this operation user clicks "Cancel". Topic will appear in selected branch in order due to its date/time properties.0.12JC-489DoneModerator could move topic to another branch.
Forward PMForumNeed possibility to forward selected PM to other user
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  1. I'd split reply and quoting into separate user stories. Quoting has a low priority.